About Us

We are a small company that offers SUPERIOR, EXPERT, hands-on service and support. Bigger is not Better! You want a company that is responsive to your every need and the bigger companies cannot provide that level of service. We do!

We have over 20 years of medical billing experience in all areas of medical billing. Our President comes from a prominent NY hospital, where she was successful in transforming collections from average to spectacular. You will see the difference.

Benefits to your Practice

Your account will be managed by a professional with over 15 years experience in the business, including departmental oversight for physician billing in a prominent NY hospital

Expert analysis and oversight of your practice's coding, fees, and modifier usage

Personal service - ongoing discussions to discuss your practice's medical billing, are offered - and encouraged - to maximize collections

Visits/Procedures are the entered same day received - for fastest turnaround possible

100% HIPPA compliant - to ensure the confidentiality of your physicians and patients personal information

Save money on computers, software, forms, supplies, coding books, etc...

And most importantly... your practice is billed on a % of collections, so you only pay us - when we collect for YOU!